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Games in Learning Symposium

Tom and Helen attended a symposium on games in learning this morning, hosted by TILT (the Trent Institute for Learning and Teaching). It was a great opportunity to get an insight into what colleagues are doing to enliven learning with game play, and also to discuss some of the common challenges. One encouraging feature of the day was confirmation of the enthusiasm which people still have for both tactile board-games, and providing creative space for the imagination. There are undoubtedly some fantastic digital resources around now, and despite part of our team being based in Nottingham (home of the original Luddites) we certainly wouldn't underestimate how engaging and valuable these are. Different approaches present different opportunities, and there is space for a whole spectrum of approaches.

Yet having acknowledged this, one of the aspects of Brave New World which we find really appealing is tangible nature of the board and pieces, and the opportunities which these present for face to face interaction. It was great that others share our excitement in this regard, and we had immense fun finding out about games aimed at exploring everything from green chemistry to the logistics of global supply chains. Helen even caught herself actually enjoying maths at one stage, which is essentially a miraculous happening, and a testament to the power of approaching concepts from an unexpected and playful angle.

Our sincere thanks for the organisers for a brilliant event. We are now happily pondering how we might apply some of the insights going forward with Brave New World.

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