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A college sports team and a history club find themselves unexpectedly trapped on an uninhabited island.  Without any immediate hope of rescue, or means of communicating with the outside world, they need to cooperate in order to survive in this strange land.  To add to their problems, there is something uncanny about the place in which they are abandoned.  Are human beings manipulating them, or is something more even sinister out there? In this game, the players take compete to see which characters will live a good life in these strange and extreme conditions.  They have to make decisions about their leaders and laws, with one eye always open to the possibility of revolution.

How the game develops depends on the decisions taken by the players, individually and collectively.  It is an opportunity to explore concepts around the legal system and human rights, in a creative way, as well as a game of luck and strategy.


Listen to the Islanders' Story
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