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You have heard tales of swash-buckling pirates, amassing undreamed of treasures and names which would blaze across the pages of history.  For obvious reasons, you haven't heard so much about the losers who tried pirating and did a feeble job.  Most of them ended up drowned, hanged or peppered into oblivion by canon-balls.  However, this story concerns a group of hapless pirates who didn't come to quite such a sticky end, but who were ship-wrecked by a storm on a desert island.  Unfortunately for all concerned, a party Spanish settlers heading for the New World were washed up in the same place by the same squall.  Now both groups are trapped, and have to muddle through their mutual dislike in some form of resentful peace.  Leading this lot won't be easy-you have been warned!

Listen to the Story of the Shipwreck


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