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We offer the following games at present.  Each of them has it's own page with an introductory story.   Browse and see which one is right for you and your organistation.

Goblin Box_edited.png

In a far away world a a band of goblin pioneers leave their ancestral home to settle an uninhabited island.  They must forge a new society, but this isn't easy when they have brought centuries old prejudices and resentments from their homeland.  Will the Goblin Leader manage to keep the peace, or will their be anarchy and rebellion?

Pilgrim Box close up_edited.jpg

It is 1620-the year that the Mayflower set sail.  Another group of pilgrims travel to the New World in the Dog Rose, accompanied by a motley collection of fortune-seekers and fugitives.  Will they manage to find ways to cooperate and coexist in the harsh conditions of Colonial America?  

BNW Island Box close up_edited.jpg
The Island

A boat trip ends in disaster and two groups of young people find themselves alone on an island.   There are signs of recent human habitation and supplies, but no trace of the previous occupants.  The technology and supplies seem to date from the 1950s, and yet appear new.  What is going on, and why do parts of the island feel so uncanny?   Will they survive long enough to find out?

Pirate Molly _edited.jpg

The same storm wrecks a crew of inept English pirates and Spanish settlers bound for the New World on a desert island.  Under normal circumstances they would be quite literally daggers drawn, but their only chance of seeing home again rests on putting differences aside and working together.  Will this be possible though? 

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