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Imagine arriving in a new world, far away from everything you had ever known, with a group of adventurers who will have to struggle for survival. Many of this new community have come for religious reasons, and are determined to found colony of righteous pilgrims. Not everyone has this plan though, there are also those who are fleeing from debts, trouble with the law, or just wanting to make a fat pile of cash. How will this lot get on? If they don’t agree some ground rules and start to cooperate, they won’t even last their first winter.

Brave New World Pilgrim is a game in which players must experience early 17th century America through the eyes of an individual colonist. He or she needs to try and live the best life possible, but not everyone wants the same things. A man servant more excited about beer than religion might well have a different agenda from a Puritan gentlewoman. If you are lucky enough to be Governor, you get to make some key decisions. But beware, if you upset enough people you will have rebellion on your hands!

A fun game for players aged 8 and above, it introduces not only some of the historical context of this period, but also ideas about democracy, law and human rights/dignity.

Listen to the Pilgrims' Story-Short Version
Listen to the Pilgrims' Story-Long Version-Jane's Story 

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